Property management is time-consuming

Owners of buy-to-lets have to keep them in good condition and respond to the needs of occupants.

This might mean sorting out an emergency plumber in the middle of the night. Or fielding requests to change furniture or keep a pet. 

There are also important legal and ethical considerations, such as meeting Government targets for energy efficiency.

The good news for property owners is that happy renters will stick around for longer and are likely to pay more for a better rental experience. 

Poor maintenance leads to dissatisfied renters

Only 63% of people in private rental homes are satisfied, according to the latest English Housing Survey. 

A quarter are dissatisfied with the maintenance of their homes, because work happens slowly or the owner refuses to do work.

Currently 23% of rental homes in England would not meet the decent homes standard - a minimum living condition level set by the Government.

At Smarter Rent, we work for both property owners and occupiers to improve the rental experience for everyone.

There's a Smarter Rent way to manage your property

We’re here for investors and landlords who don’t want the headache of day-to-day residential property management. 

We take the pressure off you to deliver excellent service to your occupiers with our fully managed property management service.

You might think we sound like any estate agency responsible for the letting and management of your buy-to-let. But what we do goes a lot further.

We’re with you from step one, providing expertise informed by data to give you the insights needed to get the best yield from your investment and make sure its location is top.

The numbers speak for themselves: we earn 30-50% more in rental income for owners compared to traditional agents, and our occupancy rate is 95%+.

Plus, we genuinely manage everything, delivering exceptional service so that occupants feel cared for and have a home they can thrive in.

You will only hear from us when you absolutely need to, such as in an emergency.

We’re upfront about costs and, crucially, there is no small print either for our owners or occupiers, so everyone knows what to expect.

How Smarter Rent works

Our experts attend property viewings on your behalf before providing a shortlist of suitable homes. Once you’ve made a decision, we’ll even help you to secure the purchase. 

The next step after completion is to get your property ready for its occupants. 

If you already own a buy-to-let or a property you're wanting to rent out, but want Smarter Rent’s help, the process is the same. Only it starts here rather than from the property search.

We set up your home, making sure every detail is in place. This includes interior design, if it’s needed.

Our research and data informs how we organise homes for the most appropriate occupier with a view to getting the best yield for our investors. 

For example, if you have a four-bedroom house, we make sure it is perfect for families. If you own a one-bed near a station, we fit it out for a professional person or couple.

Some homes don’t need much work. But others need a refit. We make sure everything from the installation of kitchens and bathrooms, to furniture, teaspoons and smart-televisions is in place for each property’s ideal occupier. 

We’ve even started making our homes as energy efficient as possible, both to meet new Government guidelines and to keep running costs down for our occupiers.

Once your property is up-and-running we manage enquiries, organise contracts and secure high occupancy rates, with built-in flexibility for you and your occupiers.

Our concierge service means occupants can call on us for great service at any time, day or night, any day of the year (yes, even Christmas Day).

Smarter Rent gives buy-to-let owners their time back

We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Let’s break it down:

  1. We research your needs and the market
  2. Our team attends property viewings to source the best investment for you 
  3. We manage the conveyancing process and admin
  4. The property is fitted out by us and interior designed (if needed)
  5. We market and organise viewings, sorting keys and contracts
  6. Our concierge service means we are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year
  7. When your occupants leave, we find you the next ones
  8. You won’t hear from us unless there’s an emergency 

What Smarter Rent owners say

Ken, originally from Seattle, USA, owns two houses in an exclusive riverside estate in Richmond, south-west London. He and his wife live in one and they rent the other out.

Having managed their rental property themselves for more than a decade, they recently took advantage of Smarter Rent’s full management service.

After some light refurbishment, including a new bathroom, installing underfloor heating and adding some outdoor furniture, the property was ready to be marketed by Smarter Rent.

“I have been very fortunate. Smarter Rent are astute in their knowledge of the different platforms and have creative ways of finding renters,” Ken says.

“I feel protected by my arrangement with Smarter Rent – even if the real estate market crashed tomorrow, I could make my money back on the property.

“We have had excellent tenants including several movie people.”

Choose a property management service that saves you time and headaches

Clever residential property management doesn't just ensure landlords are legally compliant, but also saves time, hassle and is designed to maximise rental income.

This is why Smarter Rent's award winning service is helping over 250 landlords and investors manage their rental properties and generate 30-50% better returns.

To see our property management service in action, read how Neil is achieving an 11% gross yield without having to lift a finger.