Reduce your buy to let investment risk and get up to 2x more rental income

Our property investment team use decades of experience, data, and our battle-tested investment model to help you source and manage your buy to let investment, and get market beating returns.
Smarter Rent have been excellent from the outset, and I’m 100% confident the outstanding service levels will continue. We rented the house out for an excellent medium-term let - before it was even listed!”
Neil - getting 2.1x more on rental income

Why use Smarter Rent?

Lower your risk portfolio
We’ve done this before. We know how to make property investments that return high rental incomes. If this is your first time and you don’t want to risk the nest egg, we can help.
Make up to 2x as much rental income
We know how to market your new property investment to tenants. That's how we achieve up to 2x the rental income compared to similar homes in the same area.
Leverage our location expertise
Most new investors buy around the corner. But, what if that isn’t the best investment? Make the most of our extensive location knowledge to get up to 10% return on investment as opposed to the 2% most investors acheive on their own.

Looking to invest in buy to let property? Let us help.

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Our track record speaks for itself

So far, we’ve helped 250 investors with their property investment goals.
We average an 8.71% return on investment for our clients. Typically, investors only make 2%...
We can charge up to 2x more rent than similar homes in the same area.

Smarter Rent is for investors who...

… are new and experienced in buy to let property investment

Whether it's your first buy to let or you're a serial investor, we can get you a better return on your investment than if you risked doing it yourself.

… want to buy a home in the home counties

We are specialists at finding buy to let investments in the home counties. If you’re looking for investments anywhere else, we’re not for you.

… are happy for us to do all the work

We’re not control freaks! We just know what we’re doing. If you’re looking for hassle free management, we could be the perfect solution.

… have at least £150k to invest

We help investors with a minimum of £150k to invest in a buy to let property to help them earn a monthly income and capital appreciation.

It’s absolutely no hassle. The team at Smarter Rent do everything, checking in guests, housekeeping, making sure everything is perfect."
Raffi Schrier - CEO Bantam Materials
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How we get you the best returns

It all comes down to our decades of data and being unashamedly obsessed with optimising everything to give a specific type of renter exactly what they’re looking for. Because of that, you get the best returns.

Here’s how we do it.
The right property
Our data guides our strict property sourcing criteria. The tenants we market to are looking for a home-from-home while they buy or refurbish their own place. They want somewhere they can just move in and start living. We know which properties work and which don’t.
The right area
Our data tells us which properties to buy in which areas. Depending on the area, a 1-bed flat might give a better return than a 2-bed house. We know what works and what doesn’t.
Refurbished in the right style
Our data tells how best to refurbish each home to maximise the return. Everything from fitting standard plumbing parts to the thread count on the bedsheets to the type of sofa (we’ve tried over 20) and even the teabags (yes, we’re obsessed).
Promoted to the right people
The property, the area, how it’s’s all with the aim of attracting the right tenants. Who are they? People who are happy to pay up to 2x more rent to have a comfortable life. We know what they’re looking for. But, just as important, we know where to find them.
Managed to suit those people
We’re not your typical lettings agent. We’re on call 24/7/365. Yup, even Christmas day. We do it because the types of renters who’ll give maximum returns look for this level of service. Nobody looks after the tenants in your property like we do.

If you want hassle-free passive income from your buy-to-let, we can help.

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The people behind Smarter Rent

Most new property investors only make about 2% return on their investment.

Where are the best locations? Which homes have the best potential? How can you get careful tenants for long stretches? We built Smarter Rent not just to answer questions like these, but to do it all for you.

In the last 5 years we’ve helped over 100 new investors make more passive rental income than they ever could on their own.

We’re not bragging. We’ve just been doing it for a long time. And over that time we’ve created a property investment model that works.
Adrian & Alex - Founders

If you’re new to property investing and don’t want to risk the nest egg, let us help.

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