"Alex Sullivan and his business partner Adrian Sutherland run Smarter Rent, arguably one of the most unusual agencies within the industry and, given its success, a likely preview of what lettings agencies will be like in the future. Part lettings operation, part refurbishment company, part property management outfit (while also being a bricks and mortar investment consultancy), it claims to be truly unique."

Nigel Lewis sat down with Smarter Rent co-founder, Alex Sullivan, to learn:

- How we're taking the BTR model to the suburbs to provide homes to a changing demographic of renter wanting flexibility and transparency, and giving investors quicker returns by buying in the secondary market.

- How our proprietary pricing software and business model are helping us achieve 40% more money each month for our owners compared to traditional agencies.

- Why we believe that the legislative changes forcing many landlords to leave the market, and investors getting better returns, are two sides of the same coin and can coexist for a happier, healthier rental sector.

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