Like many business owners, Raffi’s no stranger to the world of investment; but with inflation, rising interest rates, and an energy crisis on the horizon, he decided it was time to diversify his portfolio into lower-risk investment opportunities. Something that could be used to provide a more certain and secure future for him and his children. Since working with Smarter Rent, Raffi has:
  • Found the perfect investment property that earns him thousands every month.
  • Gained a second home for him and his family to enjoy flexibly when they want.
  • Achieved both of the above with zero hassle.

Turning his eye to the world of property investment, Raffi had a clear brief: to buy an investment property that would generate a passive income stream (yielding the highest return possible with minimal effort), while doubling as a second home for him and his family. 

Smarter Rent worked with Raffi to find a second home that would provide a secure future for his family

With a lot going on and no idea where to start, Raffi found Smarter Rent online: “I needed a professionally managed structure run by trustworthy people to allow me the freedom to focus on the craziness of my own world.

“For me there wasn’t a second choice when I met the team. I knew it was about working with someone trustworthy - and when speaking to Adrian, it was clear he was someone I could trust. I didn’t need to look any further.”

Working collaboratively with Raffi, Smarter Rent’s investment team got to work on the searches - keeping Raffi and his family abreast every step of the way.

“When it became clear a holiday home was the best answer, Adrian went through 20 properties in the Cotswolds until he found the perfect place for me and my situation.

“The single biggest thing for me is that my interests were ahead of our co-profit. So, I immediately felt I could really trust his advice.”

Raffi now earns thousands a month and has the perfect countryside escape for his family, when they need it

Raffi’s home has now been fully renovated, and is let out to guests throughout the year. 

“It’s absolutely no hassle. The team at Smarter Rent do everything -  checking in guests, housekeeping, making sure everything is perfect for my family and visitors. We can even book in when we want to – we book in advance just like our guests. 

Now, my kids now have a pool, access to nature, and a country cottage overlooking a lake. The house is fully booked up. I earn thousands every month, and I barely have to lift a finger. 

I just wish I’d done this sooner!”

Inspired by Raffi?

If you’re looking to make some bricks-and-mortar investments to diversify your portfolio, we’d love to help.  Our team can advise on the best properties, areas and marketing needed to help you earn more, by doing less.  Get in touch at, and we’ll start looking at your buy-to-let investment journey together.