The rental market is broken, so we’re fixing it

The word ‘renting’ rarely evokes positive feelings. For many, ‘landlord’, and ‘lettings agent’ conjure up images of unscrupulous property owners and rogue agents who are only in it for the fees.

Owning a home has long  been seen as the ultimate goal in the UK, while renting is viewed as temporary. However, today more than one in five people rent, and 40% of renters expect to rent for the rest of their lives. 

Renting has also typically been associated with younger people. But today’s renters are likely to have children and pets, to require gardens and parking spaces. 

In short, renters want to live in attractive, well-maintained homes.

Our mission

Our mission is to create beautiful homes where everyone feels comfortable. 

We believe that homes can unlock our greatest possibilities. And that when we feel safe in our home, we can achieve more in life. This is  why we put renters at the heart of everything we do, providing comfortable homes designed for their every need, but with built-in flexibility. We provide everything, from furnishing to bedding and utensils. Better still, our renter-centred contracts mean our residents never have to worry about poor maintenance, bad service or being asked to leave.

At the same time, our investors can be comfortable knowing that their investment is working for them. We help them strike the right balance between risk and reward with a secure investment that can provide both an income and a nest egg for the future.

We have worked non-stop to create a service that is  designed better, thinks smarter and works harder to create positive change in an outdated industry. 

Homes that unlock possibilities

Everyone deserves a home. That’s why we put our renters at the heart of everything we do and make sure our homes work for them.

Thoughtfully designed homes

We live and breathe thoughtful design. Each of our properties is carefully selected and individually designed for the people we think might want to stay there. We pore over every detail, from energy efficiency to the type of flooring, appliances and furnishings. So whether you’re renting for one week or one year, you can come home from day one.

See our homes.

Paving the way for a new standard in renting 

We believe in doing things better. Renting a home shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort and security.  We create beautiful homes that work for the long or short-term. For renters, this means pet and child-friendly homes with straightforward contracts (that’s no small-print and tenant-only breaks), and reliable maintenance service available at any hour of the day, any day of the year. For our homeowners, we do all the work via our exceptional management service, while offering  flexibility in how they earn - whether that’s renting out their home full-time, part-time or fixing their income with a guaranteed rental income.

Creating the homes of the future

Research shows that  98% of renters would prefer a property that’s optimised to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and minimise environmental impact4. Our homes have above average Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings, with most rated C or above. However, our mission is to have the most energy efficient properties on the market.

We’ve already started Project Zero, a process of converting each and every one of our homes to be completely energy-efficient. With the government plans to block properties from being rented out unless they’re upgraded to meet net zero efficiency targets by 2028, we are leading the charge in helping renters and landlords cut their energy bills while doing good by the planet. 

Welcome to Smarter Rent.