Neil moved to the UK from Canada to study at University. After meeting his wife and settling on English soil, he set up a successful deep tech recruitment consultancy and built a portfolio of high risk, seed stage investments in tech companies. Wanting to lower his risk profile with something steadier, Neil turned to property. Since working with Smarter Rent, Neil has:

  • Made his first buy-to-let investment and achieved a gross yield of 11%.
  • Lowered his risk profile with a property investment in the south of the UK.
  • Is now considering his next buy-to-let investment.
“I make very high risk, seed stage investments in tech companies, and wanted an investment to balance my portfolio. Like all assets, property values fluctuate but the likely downside compared to stocks (or early-stage companies!) is lower”.

Smarter Rent’s niche offered Neil a safer investment without sacrificing ROI

Having met with the Smarter Rent team, Neil was convinced by the longer-term security that property investment offered. But he was particularly sold on Smarter Rent’s niche: the underrepresented “mid-term let idea” - that’s people looking for 1-12-month rentals because they are refurbishing their home, or working in a new area. This niche offers investors up to double the rental income compared to long lets while attracting good quality, respectful tenants.

“The great thing about the space that Smarter Rent has carved out for itself is that it needs a particular kind of focus and attention, which I don’t think potential competitors will understand even if they try to emulate Smarter Rent. The other reason, of course, is that the ROI makes sense.”

Neil has lowered his risk profile and is considering his second investment!

After an initial meeting with Smarter Rent co-founders, Adrian and Alex, the team got to work sourcing Neil’s first buy-to-let property. They used their data-led approach to find the right property in the right area, and then refurbished it to get Neil the best possible yield. The first time Neil saw the property was when it was fully furnished and ready for its first tenants.

Neil’s property was a knockout from the start, rented to a tenant on a medium-term let before it was even listed. With Smarter Rent’s property management team taking care of everything, it has achieved an excellent 97% occupancy and an 11% gross yield, all without Neil lifting a finger. It has been such a success, Neil is considering his next property investment with Smarter Rent.

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