Edwards apartment had been empty for 6 weeks. As a landlord for many years Edward knew the traditional market well, but recently there weren't so many tenants looking for properties. Edward got in touch and chose our "Handsfree" service.

Using our technology & knowledge we helped Edward achieve 96% occupancy by mixing short and mid term guests.


Laura had been managing her property on AirBnB herself since buying her property in Oxford. Occupancy was great but Laura wasn't earning much more than traditional rental. For the extra work it didn't seem worthwhile.

Using our "Smart Pricing" Laura earned 50% more.


Dave, like many landlords, wanted to increase yield which had been reducing for some time. Also like other landlords, Dave did't like to idea of short term rentals, it felt too risky.

Using our "Rent Guarantee" Dave earned 20% more & reduced his risk by guaranteeing rent for the next 2 years.


Maggie wanted to change her beautiful cottage in Richmond from a long term rental property to serviced accommodation for professionals.

Maggie chose our "Plus" service & the team got to work straight away helping to design & furnish Maggies cottage.

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