See Melinda's Property


See Melinda's Property

Melinda’s Richmond property earns her passive income while she celebrates her retirement in the Swiss Alps; while also welcoming her home when she visits friends and family in the UK. The perfect example of property playing a key role in a successful retirement plan.

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Melinda had spent years living in and lovingly renovating a beautiful flat in a prime location in Richmond. However (like many of us), when faced with the idea of moving, Melinda was reluctant to sell the property she had poured so much time, effort and love into over the years. 

With big ambitions of living out her retirement in the Swiss Alps, Melinda turned to the world of lettings to find a solution that would work for her. 

“I had been working with a lettings company for a few years, but after various Covid lockdowns, I found that I wanted to come back to London more spontaneously and more regularly than I had thought previously. 

“I knew a shorter-term serviced accommodation model was needed, but when I discussed this with my previous agents, it was clear their model was no longer fit-for-purpose. Not only were they proposing a 25% charge on any rental income but they also had a range of obligatory expenses that added up to £500-£600 for every letting!”

Melinda started searching for an alternate lettings agency that would give her the flexibility needed, and found Smarter Rent online.

“My home is full of some wonderful decorative flourishes that I’ve picked up over the years, from antique furniture to works of art. I also knew I wanted to keep a good selection of personal belongings in the property, to save bringing them back-and-forth every time I visited. It was important to me that my lettings agency undertook a level of due diligence before taking new guests on – which became even more important when transitioning to a more flexible holiday let approach.”

“It’s really important to us that our landlords feel safe and comfortable leaving their properties in our hands”, Co-founder Adrian Sutherland explains. 

“Especially in Melinda’s situation, where so much love and personality has gone into renovating and decorating the property over the years. We really do make decisions as if the property is our own – and we only rent our properties to renters who feel the same.”

Melinda now keeps one bedroom in the flat locked up with her personal possessions, while the rest of the flat is set up as a luxury home-from-home for short-term lets. Melinda simply books into the property whenever she needs to, giving her the flexibility she’d been searching for. 

“I completely trust Smarter Rent to make the right decisions on my behalf. I feel very lucky really: I earn thousands every month in passive income that is financing my retirement dreams; I have a bolt-hole I can return to at the drop of a hat; and I still have a beautiful Richmond property in a very desirable location as part of my investment portfolio.

“I have a sense of security that I never had with my old lettings agency.”

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