See Neil's Property


See Neil's Property

Neil’s parting words to us were: “I might start thinking about my next project with you guys...” You heard it here first!

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Meet Neil

Tell us a little about yourself?

I fell in love with theatre whilst at McMaster Uni in Canada, and was told I must go to London. I duly came to study Shakespeare but became ensnared in the thorns of an English rose (the red of Lancashire version) and never left.

What do you do?

I founded Intellectual Capital Resources (IC Resources) 22 years ago to focus on ‘deep tech’ recruitment (all the tech that’s in your phone, or a satellite, or an electric everything except IT). The company is now 70 people with offices in Reading, London, Munich, China and the US.

What were you hoping to achieve when making an investment with Smarter Rent?

I make very high risk, seed stage investments in tech companies, and wanted an investment to balance my portfolio. Like all assets, property values fluctuate but the likely downside compared to stocks (or early stage companies!!) is lower. Why did you choose BTLH? For me the most critical word in seeking success is ‘niche’. I loved the niche, under-represented ‘mid-term let’ idea as outlined by Adrian. My due diligence consisted of meeting his business partners Alex and Lucy, who also impressed me greatly and convinced me that the company was solid and would deliver on its promises. The great thing about the space that BTLH has carved out for itself is that it needs a particular kind of focus and attention, which I don’t think potential competitors will understand even if they try to emulate BTLH. The other reason, of course, is that the ROI makes sense.

What has your experience been working with Smarter Rent?

Excellent from the outset. I’m 100% confident that the outstanding service levels will continue. We’ve also rented the house out for an excellent medium-term rental even before it has been listed, which I’m sure is a positive portent of things to come. Any advice to someone else who might find themselves in your situation? Call me to invest in some crazy risky early stage tech companies. Eschew sensible investments like Smarter Rent !

So... if you find yourself looking for an investment all piquant with crazy risk and excitement, contact Neil Dickins direct to hand over your hard-earned cash for him to invest in some dodgy early stage tech companies – and if you feel more like Neil, then get in touch with Smarter Rent and see if we can find you a little gem like his so you can make a sensible investment.

"The great thing about the space that Smarter Rent has carved out for itself is that it needs a particular kind of focus and attention, which I don’t think other agencies could even begin to compete with. In fact, I don't think many people could emulate Smarter Rent's outstanding service and team. I'm already thinking about my next project with them!"‍
Neil, Landlord in Surrey
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